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One only has to look at the multiple merit awards won by Professor Doctor Popescu to understand the extent of his achievements as surgeon and administrator. In the field of Liver Surgery, the Doctor performed more than 1500 liver resections, a feat that ranks a world record for one clinic. He also made substantial contributions to other fields as well such as Digestive oncology, Robotic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, etc. Achievements include

In organ transplantation

Performing the first combined transplant of liver and pancreatic isles, performing the first stem cells transplants for liver diseases.

Creating the transplant legislation starting from the old law (Law no. 2/1998) to which a series of amendments were brought, together with the Directives of the European Council. Thus, in the new law (Law no. 95/2006), the experience as a Romanian representative in the European Council starting with 1999 was reflected.

Organising multi-organ extraction at the national level, coordinating the allocation of organs, establishing international partnerships. All these efforts were finalised by founding the National Transplant Agency in 2005, the election as president of the Scientific Council of the Agency signifying the recognition of the contribution to a national transplant program for organs and tissues in Romania. Starting with 2006, this program was accepted and financed by the Ministry of Health.

Founding the professional organisation “Rom Transplant” within which, as president, he organised five national congresses with international participation. Also, the organisation promoted, especially via mass-media, organ donation and transplant, making the consent rate of the population reach the European average.

In liver surgery

Over 1,500 liver resections, representing one of the most important experiences at world level for one clinic; all the types described in the literature were described, using modern techniques such as total vascular exclusion, transparenchimal approach, dissection with ultrasounds etc.

Founding the Romanian Association for Hepato-bilio-pancreatic Surgery and Liver Transplant, whose president he was elected (2006)

The treaty “Liver Surgery” with numerous authors from the country and abroad, a work which won the “Victor Babes” award of the Romanian Academy in digestive oncology.

In laparoscopic surgery

The first laparoscopic tubectomies and hepatectomies in Romania

The largest experience in the country in laparoscopic colo-rectal surgery

Founder of the Romanian Association for endoscopic surgery and other interventional techniques (ARCE) (2002) whose president he was between 2002-2006, achieving the acceptance of ARCE as a full member of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery and other interventional techniques (EAES) and the brotherhood with the Italian Society for Endoscopic Surgery (SICE).

In robotic surgery

CGLTS was the place where the pioneering activity in robotic surgery took place in Romania, and it is a national leader in Romania for robotic surgery. At the Center for General and Liver Transplant Surgery of ICBDTH Fundeni, 301 robotic surgeries were performed, with a fast evolution on the learning curve from minor surgeries to major ones due to the accumulated experience in laparoscopic surgery.

In fundamental research

Founding the first tumour bank in Romania (one of the few in Europe) together with the French company RnTech.

Research in the genome of neoplasms through grants won by national competition; a patent obtained in France for a set of genes involved in the apparition of colo-rectal cancer.